Accuwatt technology adapts to the different chemistries available. Depending on your needs, the ranges offered are open NMC (Cobalt Nickel Maganese) lithium for dense and compact energy to LFP (Iron Phosphate) to promote the service life or NiMh for safety or air transport.

The BMS is the electronic board of battery management, it is the heart of intelligence. Accuwatt BMS are developed by our engineers. For more than 10 years, they are reliable and completely mastered. They adapt to multiple voltages from 12V to more than 700V and meet the most demanding needs.

By choosing an Accuwatt solution you are assured that 100% of the BMS software is written and maintained by Accuwatt. By creating our Software, we also control its scalability and adaptability.

The technologies developed by Accuwatt offer a wide range of solutions. In Pelicase case, in packs or rack 2U, many configurations are possible with depending on the conditions of parallel or serial module installations.

Accuwatt batteries are assembled and tested in our factory in Savoie. With full integration of the internal Design Office, production teams have the most advanced tools to develop and produce robust and secure storage systems.