Main Features

  • Compact universal Field Battery
  • High energy density: NCM technology (Lithium Cobalt manganese), Lithium Nickel Metal hybrid (NIMH) extremely robust and safe to use.
  • Integrated load rate and consumption display
  • Charging from any DC power source (standard mains charger, solar panel, wind generator, vehicle battery)
  • Long service life and high safety thanks to very fine state-of-charge management
  • Lithium-ion elements qualified by Accuwatt in 18650 format steel container individually integrating intensity limiter and pressure relief safety
  • Integrated management card for load monitoring and security
  • Isolated RS485 communication Interface (USB adapter cables available)
  • PC/Windows compatible parameterization and diagnostics software
  • Digital display : State of charge ( % ) range level (h)


  • Renewable Energies (solar, wind, micro-hydro,…)
  • Energy system, UPS,
  • Telecommunication
  • Construction and Building sites